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La Alhóndiga/Centro Azkuna

La Alhóndiga-Centro Azkuna
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This is an old wine warehouse repurposed into a leisure and culture venue. Built between 1905 and 1909 from a Ricardo Bastida design, it represented the affirmation of a new idea in building in terms of its implementation - as it was laid out in the new city grid that was emerging at the time, taking up an entire block in the expanded city - and in terms of its construction, based on novel techniques from a structural standpoint and offering one of the first examples of reinforced concrete in a public structure.

In addition to fulfilling the functional requirements for which it was designed, the building transcends its mere nature as a warehouse to blend into the expanding area as an element that was born to help shape the city. This dual approach is evident in the building, which exhibits elements intended to serve each of the above aspects. Its surface area, spanning a total of 43,000 square metres, has eight cinemas, an auditorium, library, exhibition hall, gym, pool, shop, restaurants and underground parking. Source: Wikipedia