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26 Nov 2018

Puppy, the faithful guardian of Guggenheim Museum

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Its name is Puppy and it is the most beloved pet of Bilbao. No doubts about: if you are in this city, it is impossible not to find it. And for sure, you will be surprised by its large dimensions: 12 meters high, 15 tons of weight and almost 40,000 fresh flowers that compose its fur. This doggy is not only the faithful guardian of Guggenheim Museum, but also one of the reference sculptures of the 20Th. century.

Furthermore, Puppy is a very well-dressed dog, who changes its clothes twice a year: both in October and May. It is dressed with pansies during the winter, but with flowers such as begonias, lobelias or carnations in summer months.

Although this West Highland White terrier is one of the icons of the city, Bilbao is not its first home. The neo-pop artist Jeff Koons designed Puppy for a German exhibition placed in Bad Arolsen in 1992. Later, Puppy was moved to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney (Australia) until 1997, when it finally arrived to Biscay.

For those who are interested in knowing Puppy, it is currently welcoming museum visitors. But it is not alone: the Spider by Louise Bourgoise remains right on the other side, surrounding the museum.

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