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24 Aug 2018

(Un)known txakoli

Categories: Must-see

Have you ever tasted txakoli? If you plan to visit the Basque Country, do not leave without tasting it. It consists of a white wine –although rosé and red types are also available- mainly produced in this region. A young and fruity wine with moderate alcohol content and special acidity.

Traditionally, txakoli is a wine produced with two native types of grape of the region, the hondarrabi zuri and the hondarrabi beltza, and counts with three designations of origin: Bizkaia Txakoli, Alava Txakoli and Getaria Txakoli. Even though the typical grapes used to produce it are the ones mentioned above, nowadays, Bizkaia Txakoli designation of origin also admits the Folle Blanche variety.

In spite of existing since centuries, until recently, it was a wine variety only known in the Basque Country. Today, and thanks to the work made by cellars which improved its flavour through the production, it is becoming a variety more and more famous around the world.

A perfect wine to pair with starters, seafood and fish. Taste it in the area of bars and restaurants in the old town.

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